Single Room Heat Pumps

For heating and cooling one area of your home or small commercial space

Single split heat pumps provide heating and cooling to individual rooms or a specific area such as a lounge or the main living area of an open-plan home. They can also be used in combination to serve larger spaces and multiple rooms. Split systems have one external outdoor unit (containing a compressor) and an internal unit mounted either high on the wall or on the floor. The internal unit is made up of electronic controls and a fan which circulates air for cooling or heating, depending on the setting of the unit.
Daikin Wall Heat Pump

Wall Mounted Heat Pumps

Wall mounted heat pumps are positioned high on a wall so are very unobtrusive, they provide excellent efficiency and performance with low noise levels and come in a range of styles to suit their environment.

Floor Console Heat Pump

These sit on the floor, alongside a wall. They can be recessed into the wall to minimise the impact on the space. They are quiet yet powerful and highly efficient and provide easy filter cleaning. They must be positioned so furniture does not obstruct the airflow and should be located where they can distribute the warm air to as much of the area as possible.

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