Residential Heat Pumps Perfect for your Home in Christchurch

Create A Comfortable Environment For Your Family

At The Heat Pump People we install, repair and maintain residential air conditioning systems to suit all properties throughout Christchurch.

With an extensive range of products, we work with you to find the perfect solution for your unique needs whatever the season.
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Heat Pump Systems

Product Selection

At The Heat Pump People it is our goal to source the right solution to keep you and your family comfortable whatever the season.

No matter if you are building a new home, replacing existing equipment, are looking to heat one area or considering a complete home solution, we will guide you through the process.
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Design and Build

Energy-efficient, effective heating and cooling is an important consideration in any new build or renovation. The Heat Pump People have the experience and expertise to design and install a cohesive, single or multi-component system that will quietly take care of climate control throughout your entire property with the minimum of fuss. Call us during your planning stage to discuss how we can meet your goals.

Regular Service Maintenance

Our skilled technicians provide fully comprehensive servicing to a wide range of heat pumps throughout Christchurch. For a more efficient, reliable, longer lasting heat pump, contact us to arrange a maintenance service visit.

Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance improves the performance of your system
  • Improves the efficiency and energy cost
  • Improves the air quality
  • Contributes to the extended life of your equipment
  • Allows for early diagnosis of potential failures before they occur, reducing down time of the equipment

Disconnection & Reconnection

Are you planning a move, renovation or need to change the location of your heat pump? If so, The Heat Pump People can help.  
You may need to have your system safely disconnected whilst renovation work happens at your house or office and later reconnected once the work is completed or you might decide that you want to take your heat pump with you when you relocate to a new property.

If so, our technicians can safely pump down your system and disconnect it for you and then reconnect when you are ready, testing the equipment to ensure it is working optimally and ensuring all electrical connections are safe.
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