Commercial Air Conditioning To Suit Any Space in Christchurch

Designing and building solutions unique to your business

The Heat Pump People understand air quality and temperature are key in maintaining business performance and productivity and implement systems using high quality products.

Whether your project is a refurbishment or new development, a single-room office or a multi-storey development, The Heat Pump People can install a bespoke heating, cooling and ventilation air conditioning system to meet your needs ranging from single split and mutli-split systems to VRV and ducted systems.
Commercial Heat Pump Systems
Heat Pump Systems Repairing Services

Working directly with our clients

To ensure we design and build the best HVAC solutions, we work closely with our clients, building relationships with architects, builders, engineers and other contractors to meet your project needs.

We will deliver a system unique to your business, resulting in optimised quality, cost and project objectives.


Ventilation plays a crucial role in your HVAC systems, maintaining indoor air quality and regulating air movement. It is essential to the comfort, health and safety of everyone who uses your building.

Preventative Maintenance

To create an efficient, reliable, longer lasting heating and cooling system and the optimal working environment for your team, contact us to design your tailor-made maintenance schedule. We will visit your business to assess your specific needs and design the best comprehensive, ongoing, preventative maintenance programme for your commercial building.

Benefits of Ongoing Preventative Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance improves the performance of your system maintaining comfort levels for your staff
  • Improves efficiency and energy costs
  • Improves air quality
  • Contributes to the extended life of your equipment
  • Allows for early diagnosis of potential failures before they occur, reducing down time of the equipment and allowing time for budget funding if required
  • Can include 12A Building Warrant of Fitness for Mechanical Air Conditioning and Ventilation (if required)

Disconnection & Reconnection

Are you planning to move your business, or just need to change the location of your heat pump? If so, The Heat Pump People can help.  
You may need to have your system safely disconnected whilst renovation work happens at your house or office and later reconnected once the work is completed or you might decide that you want to take your heat pump with you when you relocate to a new property.

If so, our technicians can safely pump down your system and disconnect it for you and then reconnect when you are ready, testing the equipment to ensure it is working optimally and ensuring all electrical connections are safe.
Commercial air conditioning solutions
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