Multi-Room Heat Pump Systems

Multi-Split Heat Pumps

Ideal for buildings with limited ducting or outdoor space as well as heating and cooling multiple rooms with individual temperature control.
Multi-split systems work in the same way as single split systems with the benefit of being able to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit and are used in both commercial and residential environments.
Where there is a lack of space or need to reduce the number of outdoor units, multi-split systems hold a distinctive advantage over several single split units and can be operated individually to maintain individual temperature control in each area.

These systems are not limited to just one type of indoor unit, they can combine wall, floor, ceiling mounted air conditioning units and even air curtains for commercial applications.

Ducted heat pumps

Ideal for discreet whole home or commercial space with near silent operation and even temperature control without hot or cold spots.

Ducted systems have a single, large capacity interior unit fitted in the ceiling, or under the floor. The cooled or heated air is driven through insulated ducts to ceiling or floor vents in multiple rooms to provide virtually invisible whole home or commercial space air conditioning. A heat recovery ventilation system may also be incorporated to provide clean fresh air without the loss of heat energy paid for.

All of the hardware is positioned neatly out of sight in the roof cavity and outside with air flowing through minimalistic vents leaving nothing to detract from the property’s decoration. Ducted systems can have zone control options allowing control of which rooms are heated or cooled, increasing the overall comfort level of the property and helping to reduce total running costs. 

VRF or VRV systems

VRF (variable refrigerant flow) or VRV (variable refrigerant volume) air conditioning is ideally suited for medium to large applications, including large offices, retail spaces and mixed-use buildings. It is efficient, reliable and easy to control.

The two types of VRF/VRV system are heat pump and heat recovery. Heat pump VRF/VRV systems provide either heating or cooling to a building at any particular time.

Heat recovery VRF/VRV systems can provide heating and cooling simultaneously to different areas, making them ideal for properties with lots of rooms. They recover waste heat from around the building making them one of the most efficient commercial air conditioning systems, using it to heat other rooms and hot water. 
flat cassettes

Fully flat cassettes

Ideal for heating and cooling areas where both aesthetics and performance are critical.

Fully flat cassettes offer an efficient and understated solution for commercial, retail and residential applications where both aesthetics and performance are critical.

Flat cassettes combine high operating efficiency and user comfort, with design that allows the visible panel to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels.
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